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Importance of a digital agency

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june 2023

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Why should I work with a digital marketing agency?
here’s what you need to know

Having a digital marketing agency in your corner is key to navigating the ever-evolving digital world. read on to discover why hiring an agency will help you elevate your marketing game.

The digital world is wide and vast, but most importantly, it’s ever-changing. in order to create successful digital marketing strategies, you need a team of experts that not only understands the current landscape, but stays on top of trends, innovation, and new technologies.

Digital marketing refers to all the online marketing methods and tools that help you grow your business. this includes social media, SEO, email marketing, paid media, and blogging, to name a few.

We often hear people wonder “why work with a digital marketing agency instead of hiring a full-time employee” and to that we say: countless reasons! read on as we take a look into why hiring a digital marketing agency is the way to go.

1. Leave it to the pros

Digital marketing agencies have a team of professionals who live and breathe the craft. they know the ins and outs of the industry and it’s their job to stay ahead of the curve. by hiring an agency, you have access to a team of pros ready to support you – no training or learning curve.

Digital marketing is our bread and butter and @lot is the result of years of experience in the industry. we take care of all your marketing needs so you can focus on the business, which leads us to our next point.

alotagency post 1img2. Focus on the business

Whether you’re an established business or a smaller company getting their feet wet, you have a lot on your plate. from scaling the business to talent management and recruiting, payroll and accounting… you have a lot on your plate.

By hiring a digital marketing agency you can keep the focus on your business and leave the marketing efforts in the hands of capable professionals. just tell us about your business, timeframe, and goals and we’ll take it from there!

alotagency post 2image3. Get the most bang for your buck

Many businesses weigh out the pros and cons of hiring a digital marketing agency versus hiring an in-house person or team. at face value, in-house might sound cheaper, but an agency is much more cost efficient over time. remember we talked about how digital marketing is all-encompassing?. that means you’d have to hire several people internally to do the work of an agency. additionally, creating an in-house operation can be costly and time consuming, considering the expense of having a full-time employee including salary and benefits.When hiring an agency, you immediately get a team of multidisciplinary talent that does not need to be trained or onboarded. additionally, agencies have access to a variety of sophisticated softwares including social listening and scheduling platforms, graphic design and video editing tools, among many others. by hiring an agency, you’ll have these tools at your disposal without the need to directly purchase them.

alotagency post 4image4. Scale to success

Another key point to consider is the scalability of hiring a digital agency.
as you grow, so will your marketing needs and an agency is ready to grow with you, activating different team members and resources to meet your needs, without constraining your in-house team.

As you launch new products, introduce new services to the market,
and grow your offering, we can help you up your digital game. at @lot marketing we provide tailored solutions and packages to meet your budget and needs, but as we mentioned, we have the capacity of growing with you.

At @lot marketing, our goal is to be our clients trusted partner and function as an extension of their team. our multidisciplinary digital marketing gurus can help you navigate the complex digital world and generate tangible results for your business.

Let’s hit the ground running!

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