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Leveraging insights to create data-driven marketing strategies that generate better results

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August 2023

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We live in a rapidly evolving world and it is more important than ever to stay on top of trends and consumer behavior to ensure we’re delivering the best possible experience for clients, and by default drive a higher return on investment (ROI). Like every industry, big data has created a before and after in the marketing world. Now, marketers do not need to rely on assumptions, gut feelings, or small amounts of data collected from niche groups, they can turn to big data to create smart marketing strategies that drive sales, increase brand awareness, create brand loyalty, and more. 

According to Campaign Monitor, 81% of marketers consider implementing a data-driven marketing strategy to be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. A digital marketing agency  can help you analyze the mounds of data and create actionable items that drive your strategy. Join us as we dive deep into the world of data-driven marketing and what it can do for your business!

What is data-driven marketing? 

At its core, data-driven marketing refers to using data acquired through customer interactions and/or third party sources to gain insights, including customer behavior and preferences, motivations, purchasing patterns, and more. Brands optimize communications based on this information to predict the needs and desires of clients to create personalized strategies tailored to each segment. 

How can marketers leverage big data? 

A digital marketing agency can help you leverage data in different ways including: 


  • Creating personalized marketing experiences for clients

People are bombarded by information, advertising, and brand communication on a daily basis. If these touchpoints are standardized or irrelevant, it will not only defeat the purpose of your marketing efforts, but potentially generate negative feelings about your brand. Identify customers’ triggers, pain points, and needs to deliver tailored communications and even personalize them based on previous interactions! Make sure you’re meeting your clients with the appropriate messaging and solutions. It is all about finding them where they’re at in their journey and supporting them along the way.


  • Target well-defined segments and audiences and capture new ones 

One of the greatest things about leveraging data is gaining valuable information about your target audience and even identifying potential new audiences along the way. This information allows marketers to predict customer behaviors to create marketing campaigns that reach audiences in the right place at the right time. 


  • Measure and improve strategies in real time

Marketing and advertising strategies cost money, and data can allow marketers to better optimize the budget and allocate accordingly. By using analytics tools marketers can understand which area of their budget is generating the most impactful results depending on the objective (brand awareness, conversion, site visits, engagement, etc.)

Why is data-driven marketing important?

At the end of the day, data does not lie and it is the most reliable and surefast way to make decisions when it comes to marketing. By working with a digital marketing agency, your team will be able to leverage big data in a way that generates results for your business.

How can a digital marketing agency help?

Traditional marketing such as physical brochures, flyers, and billboards can generate some metrics, but it is missing the fundamental component of data. By working with a digital marketing agency, you can rest assured you’ll have experts on your team using smart marketing that is intrinsically informed and generates more impact. 

Mounds of data can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. It’s not enough to have access to data, but having the right softwares and partners to help you make sense of it and translate it to a marketing strategy that makes sense for your business goals. 

Need more proof? According to 78% of organizations, data-driven marketing leads to increased customer acquisition and conversion, according to Source: ZoomInfo) and  two out of three marketers believe data-based decisions beat gut instinct (Source: Google/Econsultancy). The power of smart marketing is not only appreciated by marketers, but by customers as well. Nearly 80% of customers will not consider an offer from a brand unless the message is personalized to their previous interactions with said brand (Source: Marketo). These are powerful numbers that can make a difference between an average and a stellar marketing strategy.

Additionally, digital marketing experts often use data to help segment their audience, target messaging, personalize campaigns and copy, and of course, track results and find pain points, improvements, and optimization opportunities. 

Are you ready for your business to thrive in the digital world? 

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